Apart from its Annual Reports, the Civilitas Foundation issues on a regular basis articles, analyses and policy papers based on in-depth studies and reliable research. These Civilitas publications remain the only comprehensive Armenia-based analyses of our own domestic and foreign, economic and political policies, as well as Armenia’s take on the implications of regional and global relationships around us. They offer consolidated perspective and context to the international community.

Public Discussions

Public Discussions

Civilitas Foundation’s public forums, featuring guests from around the world and throughout Armenia, have become a staple of civil society discourse in Armenia. Opinion and policy makers from all perspectives and all sectors, speak and respond to questions from students, diplomats, the media and all stakeholders, in an inclusive, tolerant, egalitarian environment intended to stimulate the transformation of Armenian society into a functioning polity by promoting healthy political discourse on key developmental issues.

April 24 at Civilitas

The Civilitas Foundation has two full days of programming for April 24. One is an all-day LIVE program on The other is a full day of film screenings at the Moscow Theater, in Yerevan. Beginning at 1 pm and continuing until 9 pm, new films…

Film Screenings on April 24th

On April 24th from 13:00-22:00 the Civilitas Foundation will host a film program. Short and long-form documentaries and feature films by Armenian and non-Armenian directors concerning the Armenian Genocide and Armenia-Turkey relations will be screened at the Moscow cinema. ENTRANCE…

Party Debate on the Yerevan Municipal Elections

The Civilitas Foundation will convene a debate between party representatives running for the Yerevan municipal council in order to promote a genuine political race and to fully cover the elections. The debate will take place on April 30th, 2pm at…

Marathon of films on April 24

On April 24, Civilitas has joined with the Moscow Theater (Abovyan St. 14) to offer a six hour marathon of films produced over the last 20 years on the very important topic of genocide awareness and recognition. Admission is free.…


{youtube}TkSvHflRHmE?start=435{/youtube} On 27 March, a press conference was held at the Civilitas Foundation, chaired by Civilitas Director Salpi Ghazarian and attorney Vahe Grigoryan. Also participating were US Ambassador John Heffern, German Ambassador Reiner Morell, Polish Ambassador Zdzislaw Raczynski, Swiss Ambassador…

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