On November 13, at the Armenian Embassy in Russia, CivilNet's documentary Survival Songs: From West to East was screened, about 150 people attended. The film screening was organized by the initiative of Barev Cultural Club in Moscow.

At Civilitas

In the spirit of the Latin ‘Civilitas’ – a citizen’s responsibility to society – the Civilitas Foundation encourages the responsibility of every citizen to contribute to the realization of a functioning and prosperous democracy and promotes the right of every individual to benefit from his/her full potential.

Council on Public Policy

The Civilitas Foundation advocates democracy, openness and transparency at home and peace and stability in the Caucasus through multifaceted dialogue and open discourse. The Council on Public Policy forum engages Armenia’s opinion and policy making communities as well as the international academic, political and media communities about Armenia’s domestic and foreign policy choices in the context of Armenia’s development and national security challenges.


Access to reliable, comprehensive information is essential for democratic development and economic prosperity. is founded on the premise that it’s possible to provide news, in context, well researched, and interesting. CivilNet offers video programming on topics ignored by the mainstream media – environmental issues, women’s rights, the activities and interests of the young professional generation, students and their passions, artists and their creativity. Interviews with international figures offer a better understanding of global and regional events and their impact on Armenia.

Democracy and Development

The Civilitas Foundation believes that development and democracy are parallel paths, and one is essential for the other. The Civilitas Democracy and Development Initiative consists of programs, which leverage domestic, international and Diaspora resources to affect meaningful change in Armenia.

Towards a Neighborhood

The Caucasus neighborhood is replete with real and potential conflict. Armenia-Turkey relations as well as Armenia-Azerbaijan relations remain key to regional understanding and stability. Civilitas contributes research and activities to promote normalization and peace.

Inquiry / Polling

Armenia’s democracy is neither durable, stable nor complete. The voices of its citizens are still not heard through elections and government institutions. Civilitas conducts face-to-face and telephone polls of a representative sample of Armenia’s population to empower individuals and transform individual opinions and thoughts into public opinion and a call for public policy.

Jivan Tabibian Library

The late Ambassador Jivan Tabibian, a member of the Civilitas Honorary Board, was recognized internationally as a thinker and a teacher, with knowledge and passion for a broad spectrum of subjects. Per his wishes, his eclectic collection of books on philosophy, history, politics and economics, in many languages, came to the Civilitas Foundation in 2009, upon his death.